Healing Hangs, with Lucy!


Healing Hangs, with Lucy are a 2 hour, online, group session. During the two hours you will raise your overall awareness on the power of your body, recognise your healing and start taking steps to kick start your journey!


As we step through the journey, we will begin to unlock belief systems and traumas that may have manifested in ill-health, dis-ease, lack of energy, etc. 


Each of these sessions will be different, depending on the information Lucy intuitively calls in prior to the Hang.

Lucy makes no secret of her passion to open Soul School's Globally.  These facilities are intended to be safe spaces that remind your soul what it incarnated down here for, to remember wellness for your vessel and how to heal it. This has been Lucy's passion following her near death experience in 2018, whereby she channeled 5 locations around the World that she would be involved setting these centres up.

Since then, Lucy has been relentless in her mission. Every spare moment has been planning and creating the spaces, plus reminding people of their ability to self heal.

Due to the Global situation that took place through 2020 and 2021, the physical spaces were put on pause temporarily, however as you know Lucy, that was not the green light to stop! Quite the contrary! 

Lucy created these online programmes, whereby the mission started, rather than waiting any longer!


Book your place for the Healing Hangs session, using the link below.  Please note 100% of proceeds from these sessions are going toward the healing centres.