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Our beautiful Membership Community will take you on the journey from living in your head, to your divine heart space. We will hold space for you to grow through all that has been limiting your progress in achieving your personal goals.

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Learn all about Self Love Club from the Founder, Lucy Davis.


It’s so good to meet’re very welcome!

I’m going to guess you are here for one of the following reasons (please know, we’ve got you):

  • Your health is in a pickle and you are unsure what to do anymore.
  • You have lost your identity over the years to being a parent, grandparent, partner, your career and are wondering who you are these days.
  • Your relationships are struggling under the pressures of feeling lost.
  • You KNOW there is more to life, you have a burning desire to do something, you just do not know what.
  • You do not remember the last time you did something soley for you.
  • You dislike what looks back at you in the mirror each day.

    The list goes on.... do any of these resonate with you?
You're talking to me - I'm in!

Self Love Club has got you…

We will show you tools and techniques to assist you navigating from where ever you are currently in your life, to where you are aiming for. We will support you along the journey to your personal goals holding space for you to unlock the patterns that have been holding you back until now.

Our amazing community will treat you like family

Everyone in this beautiful, safe space wants to see you win, whatever that looks like to you. You will meet total strangers who very quickly will feel like family as they are supporting you from the side lines.

We have a beautiful Membership Portal where you can access all of the content, plus an amazing Facebook Group where you can hang out with the other Ladies and Gents on this journey.

Are you ready to meet your extended family?

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Lucy's Why 

Self Love Club has held space for thousands of people Globally to step into their truth, after unlocking years of programming that had been holding them back.

“When I was a little girl, I knew I had a purpose on this planet. I felt I was sent here to help people on a massive scale. After years of distractions, physical burn out led me back to this path. The desire to help the masses was reignited in 2014, on the road to healing.”

Since then, a huge personal healing journey myself, re-training and unlocking gifts I had no idea I possessed. This is how Self Love Club was born.

"I was muddling through life as a single mum, always worrying, constantly poor, even when I had money it didn’t last long! Everything seemed a struggle and I felt like I had to work every hour possible to survive. I avoided relationships because I didn’t have the time, nor did I feel worthy and made excuses not to date “I’m happy in my own” being a favourite. I was happiest when I made others laugh and made others feel better, while I cried alone constantly, not wanting to ask for help or let anyone see the tears.

I’ve read self-help books, I’ve seen the so called gurus on you tube, but no one got through like Lucy Davis!!!

Even in a room of over 30 people, it felt like she’d chosen my life to unravel and explain/confirm what was holding me back; why I felt I had to work so hard, why I never had enough money, why I hid my tears.  In other words how to turn my sorry story into a happy story. And it all made so much sense. I have been to several now, not because I need more help, Lucy gave me so much to work with, but to see the magic unfold for others. To watch the light go back on in people’s eyes just from listening to this amazing soul.

Lucy, myself and my amazing happy family are forever grateful to you. We are living our best version of life thanks to Self Love Club."

Maxine, 54

What you will get in the Club:

Once in Self Love Club, you will have access to amazing content, including the famous Seven Steps to Self Love that has transformed thousands of lives Globally.


Seven Steps to Self Love

An incredible seven step process that will help you navigate your life from simply surviving day to day, to thriving and being excited for your future. They will take you on a journey of remembering a connection that you quite simply have forgotten over the years.

Our Incredible Members Only Facebook Group

If you are in Self Love Club with Lucy Davis, you will KNOW how much content this lady puts out. You are in for a treat with this community group. This is where we guarantee you’ll make life-long friends.



We have a beautiful team of Self Love Angels to guide and support you on your journey. With weekly check ins and support hours available, you will always have someone nearby to help with any technicalities when needed.



Imagine being so aware of yourself, you catch yourself before you repeat self-sabotaging patterns.

Improved Health

Unlocking the sickness or disease that has been residing in your body due to unresolved emotional trauma.

Renewed Relationships

Getting that renewed love back in to your relationships, with family,
friends and partners.


Being surrounded by the most incredible community in the World, who want to see you win.


Spiritual Awakening

Connecting to your flow and allowing your true self to shine.

Loving Yourself

Loving that person who looks back at you in the mirror, without judgement, every time.

"I attended Self Love Club for the first time a few months ago without knowing what to expect but just aware that I was seeking some form of clarity in my life. Lucy’s kind yet honest nature allows you to feel comfortable and safe while receiving true and honest guidance. I was able to see clearly the simple stepping stones that I needed to introduce into my life going forward and how a happier and more fulfilled life was so attainable if I was just equipped with the appropriate self-awareness and knowledge.

At a time in my life where I just needed a small sign and an ounce of strength to keep me going, Self Love Club and Lucy were able to provide that.

In just a matter of hours I felt I had worked on myself and achieved more than I had managed in four years with ‘professionals.’ I am incredibly grateful for SLC and, in particular, all of the hard work that Lucy and her team put into it to ensure it is an accessible pillar of strength to so many."

Antonia, 23

The Investment

As a Self Love Club Membership Community Member, the total investment in our annual membership is £950. As a Founder Member you get this annual membership for £950. The monthly membership is £95 per month.

A membership includes:

- SLC Seven Steps Coaching programme

- SLC Hangs x 1 per month

- 10% Discount on SLC in person Retreats and Seminars

- Exclusive Online Resource Library

- Lucy Davis Personal Rituals Planner

- Facebook Live Workshops x 4 per month

- Weekly SLC Zoom call + Q&A x 4 per month

- Private Members Community on Facebook

Let's Get Started

Join the Waiting List!

Our next intake will be late December 2020. If you would like to register your interest to be 1 of our 200 Exclusive Membership spaces, please fill in the form for a no obligation invite to our interactive webinar.

What the soul family are saying!


Soul Brothers and Sisters

I am so excited to welcome you home to go on the journey from your head to your heart. Lucy x


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