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The irony of Lucy being so incredibly tiny in size, is the sheer scale of the message that she is delivering to the World. With an undeniable, contagious energy and a phenomenal intuitive nature, Lucy Davis is a Woman on a mission. A mission to inspire you to step out of your head and in to your heart space to remember exactly why you are here and what your mission is this lifetime.


Lucy Davis is a natural, born intuitive who has learned to utilise the skills she was given to transform lives.  She has an incredible gift whereby she has become a master question asker, that leads you to recognise your own talents, dreams and the legacy you wish to leave on the World.

She believes everybody is walking around with a gift buried deep in their heart space.  The path she guides you through will very quickly have you dropping from your head, in to your heart space and unlocking your true, unlimited potential.

Lucy is on a mission to unlock the human race from the shackles they have applied to themselves over the years from pre-conditioned beliefs and societies rulings. By the end of 2022, Lucy is looking to have held space for over 1 million people Globally to go on the journey from their heads, to their hearts.

Lucy's Hero's Journey

Lucy was a happy go lucky child. From a very young age it was obvious to everyone around her that she was going to be a leader. She would gather all of the children up from the neighbourhood and take them to her house, whether that be to let them play with her pets, give them dinner or just generally be there for them as company. 

Over the years, as circumstances unfolded in her family life, school became more intense and the general shifts of growing up, Lucy changed.  That inner knowing she had held for many years of having a purpose on the Planet disintegrated and was forgotten. 

At 15 years of age, Lucy’s parents separated and as a Daddy’s girl, life changed significantly. She started drinking alcohol, going out regularly and dulled the pain of all that was going on in her life using different forms of self-sabotage. On Lucy’s 16th Birthday, her only sister at the time, dropped the bombshell that she was fighting serious addiction issues. Lucy’s World crumbled that little more, her sister had been her hero. She continued to put a brave face on for everyone around her.  People at school, work, friendship circles etc would never have known what was going on.  It was only those closest to her that got an inkling of the truth and that would only be through random bursts of anger, upset or insecurity that it would be discussed.

Over the next few years, Lucy’s ability to be open, honest and vulnerable grew less and less.  She sabotaged many relationships before the other person had a chance, for fear of getting hurt. Her protection mode was to walk away from any threat. Sound familiar?

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Lucy's Why

For 27 years, Lucy lived in her head. Up to the age of about 8, she was very connected, in tune with nature, her heart space and remembers coming out with profound information from the past, no one knew where she would have known it from. At about 8, life became serious.  There was a deep ingrained thread of competitiveness, comparison, success and awareness of the “right thing to do”. The closer exams to the Senior school got, the less playful life became and that remained until 35 years of age when Lucy eventually burned out, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Since then she has been able to return “home” and reconnect with her heart space and unlock a number of gifts that she had forgotten she had.

Having lived her own pain and suffering, plus witnessing the traumas of her nearest and dearest, Lucy founded what she calls her “soul mission” in 2016, to guide people from their heads to their hearts.  She has lived life true to those values ever since.


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