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If you are ready to REALLY shift, then we recommend coming along to one of the many events Lucy runs.  For someone so tiny in size, you will be in awe of what can be achieved.  To witness her channel, hold space and create huge interventions within those in attendance is magical.

You may forget what she says, you may even forget what she does, but you will never forget how she makes you FEEL! 

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Soul School 

Soul School is a journey like no other, guaranteed to change your life. An incredible opportunity to remember some precious forgotten memories whilst meeting likeminded souls who are searching for their tribe.  

We know each other exist, we have been waiting for the divine time to come together, and that is now.

This beautiful safe space, held by Lucy and her team will open your eyes and remind your heart of a World it knows it is here to create. 

Are you ready to join us for Soul School 4?

Details Coming Soon

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Healing Hangs with Lucy - Online

Are you ready to step into a beautiful space of taking ownership, guidance, and action that will support your personal healing journey?

Over the course of the 2-hour online event, held by Lucy, you will be taken on a journey of healing with a group of like-minded souls before integrating back into your day-to-day life. 

Price: £77 (Limited spaces available each session)

Next date TBC

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Psychic Evening with Emma Wright and Lucy Davis

Lucy met Emma in August 2022 through a mutual connection when Emma was extremely poorly fighting for her life in hospital.  Lucy offered support and guidance, which led to a beautiful soul family reunion of these two powerful channels - and a new flight was launched.

In May 2023 they ran their first evening channeling event, which saw many souls from around the World gather to experience channeled answers to questions that had been on their mind for sometime!  The best bit about it was total strangers asking questions helped others get their answers on the call.  It was such a wild experience that they have decided to do it again.

More information coming soon.

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Meditation with Lucy

Lucy will take you on a journey of discovery, from your head to your divine heart space.  She will guide you through beautiful, connecting, extremely powerful meditations. She will hold space as you surrender to the magic and the mysticism that will unfold. 
Be ready for the huge shifts that inevitably follow Lucy's guidance to remind you of your power, how to rise into love and reconnect with yourself on a truly deep level.
More information coming soon.

"I could literally go on and on as Lucy is truly amazing! This lady will literally change your life in all areas and help you to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be, serving humanity in the process! Making the world a better place and creating a new home. From the bottom of my heart Lucy - thank you xx"

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Catherine, 34
Great Sutton

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