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Lucy Davis is a Woman on a Mission!  The irony of her being so tiny in size, is the sheer size of the message she is delivering to the World through her work. You will find her energy extremely contagious as she inspires even the most cynical of souls to engage on the journey 'From Head to Heart'.  

In 2014, Lucy did not like herself very much.  For years she had been sick and tired, working all of the hours sent in her high-flying Corporate career, until eventually she burned out, physically. mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Everything that Lucy knew was stripped away due to the burn-out, requiring digging deeper than ever believed possible to find out who she truly was at her core.  Since 2015, Lucy has been on a mission to heal and share her findings with as many people as would listen.  This has led to speaking on many stages, channels and radio stations around the World, including in her previous environment of Investment Banking.  To catapult her message further, she has rolled out coaching programmes, courses and in person events to support her work.

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