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Programmes and Courses

Whether you work with Lucy in a group setting or in person, your life is guaranteed to change. Your health, mindset, energy, faith, intuition, family will all be impacted by this experience. 

Below you can decide on the best option, for you.

Get closer to Lucy

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Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations is a Monthly subscription programme whereby each participant has access to a weekly zoom call with Lucy, plus group access in a Telegram group.  

If for any reason you cannot attend the call, you will have access to each week and every previous week in your own private portal. 

Join us by clicking the link below: 

Price: £11.11 p/m

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5 Day Breakthrough Experience

Ever wondered what you were capable of unlocking in just 5 days?  Wonder no more! 

In Lucy’s 5 Day Breakthrough Experience, she will guide you on a journey to unlock truths that you may have lost contact with for many years. If you are short of time, yet know there is more to life and you deserve a breakthrough, then this is where you start.

Price: £7.77

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The Mindset Experience

Imagine spending 30 minutes on yourself for the next 30 days, at a time convenient to you, to truly understand who you are, why you have made the decisions you have and really unlock the patterns you may not have noticed you are living in a loop with. If you are ready to embrace who you were intended to be, the 30 Day Mindset Experience will be perfect for you. As you step through The Mindset Experience, you will connect to your truths, and understand why you have been holding you back all this time. Are you ready?

Price: £97.97

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Self Love Mastery - 8 Week Programme

This programme has been designed to catapult your life to a whole new level. 

We will hold space for you to awaken to all that has been perceived to be holding you back on your journey so far.

If you are ready to take your life to a whole new level, or hear more information on the programme, then please click the link for more information.

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Self Love Club Membership Community

Our beautiful Membership Community will take you on the journey from living in your head, to your divine heart space. We will hold space for you to awaken to all that has been perceived to be slowing your progress, or holding you back on your journey so far.

Self Love Club Membership takes new Members once a year and is a 12 Month Programme for those wishing to up-level with the guidance of weekly group sessions with Lucy.

There are upfront and Monthly options to suit your circumstances.

If you would like to join the class of 2024, the link to sign up to the waiting list will be available soon.

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1:1 Coaching 


So what about the people who would prefer 1:1 over a group setting I hear you ask! 

If you feel drawn to work with Lucy 1:1, she opens up sessions each week to coach those who are not quite ready for group sessions.

Lucy also has a team of Coaches who have been personally trained, whom she recommends to clients.

If you feel drawn to work with Lucy or one of her Coaches, please do reach out to [email protected]

An introductory page to all of the Coaches is coming soon!

"I could literally go on and on as Lucy is truly amazing! This lady will literally change your life in all areas and help you to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be, serving humanity in the process! Making the world a better place and creating a new home. From the bottom of my heart Lucy - thank you xx"

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Catherine, 34
Great Sutton

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