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From Head To Heart By Lucy Davis  

Are you someone who is searching to find your purpose in life?  

Lucy Davis wasn’t. She was too busy living the dream. A material girl with a highly successful career as a Director working on the trading floor for several banks, luxury holidays all over the world, and a reputation for playing as hard as she worked. When a series of traumatic events brought her world crashing down around her, it would send her on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing that would ultimately save her life, and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Her powerful and deeply moving story mirrors the ultimate human quest; the journey from the head to the heart.  

If you feel ready to finally embark on your soul journey and discover your purpose, ‚ÄėFrom Head To Heart‚Äô is possibly the most important step you can take to begin that journey.

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Affirmation Cards 

Do you ever wake up in a funk for no particular reason and need a few choice words to kick start your day? 

If the answer is "Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes", look no further.. We have got you!

Whether you wake up slightly off centre, need a little Lucy "pep talk" in the morning and maybe you missed her live, these affirmation cards will be perfect for you! 

We are so incredibly proud to be able to share the 54 affirmation statements channeled by Lucy that have been placed on tarot sized cards for you and your families convenience on those inevitable days that additional love and guidance is required.


 'I’m having a life changing experience since returning.....Please know my abandonment breakthrough would not have happened without the magic of Lucy’s meditation and activations..'

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Rachael Hanna

Soul School 3

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