Isaac's Story


Age 14

Perth, Scotland

1. What drew you to go on this journey with Lucy?

I heard about Self Love Club from my Mum. I thought it sounded good and might be good for me.

2. Which of Lucy’s services/ programmes have you attended / are attending?

Self Love Club Hangs and Self Love Club for Kids.

3. Where did you hear about Lucy and her programmes?

From my mum. I also heard her on some Facebook lives when my mum was watching them.

4. What have been your favourite experiences to date through the course/ coaching?

The first time I went because I felt like it opened my mind up quite a bit and all made sense. I have got a new bond with someone that I know is always there for me; well two new bonds, Lucy and Donna. Hugs are another favourite bit.

5. How has your life changed through the time you have worked together?

I started singing more. I’ve started to be more aware of things like, when sometimes when people are saying things to me it’s not about me but more a reflection of how they see themselves. It gives me more of a...kinda makes me feel like I’m not being targeted by teachers so much.

6. What benefits have you had since working with Lucy in relation to the below


a. Health - Eating a bit more healthier. Watching what I’m putting in my body.

b. Relationships - I am more aware and try not to react impulsively. I have better communication with people. I feel a bit more chilled and open minded.

c. Awakening - I have felt Lucy come to me before, like to visit me. I remember feeling her presence.

d. Career - I have decided to focus on what I want and not what other people want,
within good reason.


7. Lucy loves to help Children/ Families. Her mission is known to impact everyone in the family, not just the person doing the coaching. What experiences have you had with regards to your family/ loved ones?

Nothing to note.

8. Describe working with Lucy in a handful of words?

Tricky, kind, loving, patient, upsetting, open, clearer, life, relief and most importantly Love.

9. Do you plan to continue working with Lucy on this journey?

Yeah. I want to learn more about how to do what we already have and do some
more of the same with Lucy.

10. Would you recommend working with Lucy?

Yeah. I’ve seen what it’s done for me and some people around me so I know how much of a change she can make.

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