Marie's Story


Age 52

Melbourne, Australia

1. What drew you to go on this journey with Lucy?

I joined Lucy on facebook via a mutual friend and was instantly drawn to her. Initially it was her spiritual side that spoke to a part of me that hardly anybody connects with. In a short space of time though I discovered she’s an energetic healer. From the little I had heard I just knew she had the tools to help me help myself, so I signed up to a Self Love Club Hangs session to have a look. That session blew me away. I saw how she smashes limiting beliefs and catapults clients into amazing life transformations. I had a personal epiphany at that session and have experienced my own transformation, particularly around my business, in the two months since that session. And I haven’t even got started yet!! She is so very gifted and I immediately understood why I was drawn to her. She mirrors all of us … we see a part of ourselves in her so it’s easy to connect with who she is and what she says. She’s honest and she’s real … she can also be brutally honest but in the most loving way lol. She’s a shining example of how great we can be in all of our imperfect human condition … and you can’t help but be drawn to her infectious energy because she exudes love. She is our equal and there is no judgment. I’ve never met someone who I felt so safe with in my vulnerability … and I’ve never even met her!! I’m on the other side of the world in Australia but I feel the connection! It’s so very real!!

2. Which of Lucy’s services/ programmes have you attended / are attending?

I have attended a Self Love Club Hangs session and I’m proudly a founding member of her Self Love Club Membership Community.

3. Where did you hear about Lucy and her programmes?

I heard about Lucy through a mutual friend who invited me to the Self Love Club with Lucy Davis page. I heard about her programmes through the facebook lives.

4. What have been your favourite experiences to date through the course/ coaching?

At the Self Love Club Hangs session Lucy asked the first question: why have you come to this session? I felt compelled to answer in person and I found that as I started to speak I got emotional about what I was saying … because I knew it was my truth … and I knew that she knew that also. At that point I instinctively knew I had found the gold nugget that was going to get me to where I am trying to go. I knew I had found the spiritual support I’ve been lacking in a space of no judgment where I could be completely honest and vulnerable to find the answers I’ve been seeking. My soul felt like it had come home. Such a beautiful and moving moment for me. One I’ll never forget and likely will look back on as one of the moments that triggered this new journey I am now on.

5. How has your life changed through the time you have worked together?

First off the self awareness has sky-rocketed … and it has only been one week in the membership community but already the things I’ve been forced to face about myself have been profound. I thought I had my stuff together. I didn’t think I was angry with anyone … turns out the person I’m most angry at is me! Go figure!! Since the Self Love Club Hangs session I’ve gone back to plant-based food and I exercise everyday … in Lucy’s words: it’s a non-negotiable! I drink lots of water. Just like Lucy, I’m not perfect … well, she’s a lot less imperfect than me, I think!! But I own what I am and get up each day to be better than yesterday. In the first fortnight since that session though, I’m not sure why or how but my business, which should have slowed done during the pandemic, actually took off and I’ve never been busier but I’ve also interestingly manifested the types of jobs that I most enjoy doing … the discussions at Self Love Club Hangs were around my career and my business … clearly they helped me get out of my own way and start achieving.

6. What benefits have you had since working with Lucy in relation to the below


a. Health - I’ve got much more consistent with exercise, food, hydration & morning rituals. These are non-negotiables now. I used to do most of this stuff … hot lemon/ginger on waking, now I add apple cider vinegar … I exercised more often than not but not everyday, now its everyday, I have always had a journal but now I daily give gratitude, make some affirmations and set intentions … plus I jot down thoughts.

b. Relationships - This is still a process because it is early days but simply giving myself more love has made me an even less grumpy person and that has meant that life, especially in lockdown, was not as painful as it could have been. In fact, I felt a great deal of gratitude for all my abundance (and I’m not rich … yet!) during the whole time we were forced to sit with ourselves and our closest family members. Also, I feel a sense that as my journey starts to sky rocket my family members are hanging on for the ride and I see the benefits already.

c. Awakening - The first thing that drew me to Lucy is that she spoke of many things that I was already questioning and she validated all the things that were going on in my head. I can’t explain what a relief it is to know that I’m not mad, that I’m not weird, that the person I’ve been fighting to become all my life (the one I call the rebel) is actually the real me trying to get out after years of being suppressed by well-meaning parents, teachers/schoolmates, partners, society and life in general. This is the gift that Lucy has given me … the Awakening to who I really am and must be again!

d. Career - I have most definitely already seen improvements in my business which I can’t even explain but which happened in the two weeks immediately after Self Love Club Hangs. I’m in the construction industry … by any logic clients should have been putting jobs on hold because of the uncertainty around money and income. Not here! I had clients signing up for new jobs, big new jobs at the height of the lockdown. I had people calling me about new jobs every second day in that fortnight. It was phenomenal! Still happening but the Universe knows how busy I am right now so the phone calls have slowed a little!

e. Other (please state) - Mental Health – sounds unimportant but I just know that if it hadn’t been for the connection I had with Lucy and her Self Love Club Community of like-minded souls, my personal experience of the Covid-19 pandemic would have been much different.  I found Lucy at a time when the fear around the world was high, my country was about to go into lockdown, nobody knew how safe or unsafe things were going to be and the governments were fear mongering.  I’m a fairly positive person but I know that it was a little scary for me at the start.  Having Lucy around to put some context around what was going on in the world and also give helpful advice around what we could be doing to get the most out of the experience was indescribable.  I can honestly say that the eight weeks or so that we spent at home were among the best times of my life, if you take away the fact that I couldn’t hug any of my friends!!  Lucy brings positivity and perspective to everything.


7. Lucy loves to help Children/ Families. Her mission is known to impact everyone in the family, not just the person doing the coaching. What experiences have you had with regards to your family/ loved ones?

I’ve found that whatever I’m going through my family is impacted. So, loving myself even more has meant that I’m even less grumpy! They get the benefit of that. Exercising everyday? They see that and suddenly my 17 year old is up running early in the mornings. Eating plant based food and suddenly my husband is looking to heal his gut issues and juicing and eating plant based as well!! Drinking water – both the boys are doing the same. Everyone seems to be on a health kick now … and all because of my connection/coaching with Lucy. It’s amazing! And a lot less work than nagging them into submission – which doesn’t work anyway! Nor should it …

8. Describe working with Lucy in a handful of words?

Working with Lucy is inspiring, comforting, safe and enlightening! And all of this inside a bubble of absolute honesty and vulnerability.

9. Do you plan to continue working with Lucy on this journey?

At $70 AUD/month I’d be stupid not to!!! Lol … but seriously, I absolutely intend to see this through to the end … like Lucy I’m determined, I’m not a quitter and I’m not stupid – I know a good thing when I see it!! :) I’m looking forward to looking back in twelve months time to see the person I used to be and feeling fantastic about the real me that I grew back into!

10. Would you recommend working with Lucy?

Absolutely!! … on a scale of 1 to 20? That would be 100 … everyone absolutely deserves the Self Love that she is talking about. Everybody absolutely deserves to have a taste of Lucy’s infectious energy. I’m so very thankful to have found her and be on this amazing journey. So excited!!

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