Suzanne's Story


Age 38

Perth, Scotland

1. What drew you to go on this journey with Lucy?

I met Lucy in 2017. She was like a whirlwind of energy; fun to be around, cheerful, excited and driven. In the short time I spent with her she injected a boost to my confidence with words of support and encouragement when I had a niggle of doubt in myself. Shortly after parting company, I made the decision to place myself in a vulnerable position and open up to my followers on social media. She was there; cheering me on from the sidelines and praising me for my actions. It was beautifully authentic and I felt she had a sense of belief in me - perhaps even one which was stronger than my own belief in myself - and that has continued. Lucy speaks my language. I adore everything she stands for and can relate to who she is and what she believes. I feel like her mission in this world is one I am meant to be part of. I admire her for the work she has done and her own personal growth, I am inspired by her dedication and consistency. I’m a firm believer that we must surround ourselves with people who light our soul, who help us to move forward in life and who accept us for who we are - recognising the great parts and running alongside us as we move through the challenges life brings to unpick the gifts and the lessons. Lucy is one of them and I knew it from day one.

2. Which of Lucy’s services/ programmes have you attended / are attending?

I’ve attended Self Love Club Hangs on three occasions (once in person, twice online). I am a member of the SLC Membership Community and her ever evolving Facebook group Self Love Club with Lucy Davis. Lucy delivered a phenomenal Iridology session for me. I plan some time to join her on a retreat.

3. Where did you hear about Lucy and her programmes?

Lucy and I became friends on Facebook. I have followed her progress there and been aware of her programmes via the platform.

4. What have been your favourite experiences to date through the course/ coaching?

Wow. There are many! I really love when I see other people literally having lightbulb / penny drop moments during Lucy’s live videos - it’s like I can hear the shift she helps them to have from head to heart. There have been so many things throughout the past three years. Particular favourite has been watching, hearing, observing Lucy’s interaction with my son. He hangs on her words and absorbs them like a sponge. She allows him to be heard and shows him a level of support and understanding he rarely receives yet needs more than anything. For me personally, I’ve loved having Lucy there to help me remember that I am worthy, I am capable, I am loveable. Her presence in my life helps to increase and strengthen my inner knowledge, belief and love of myself on a cumulative basis. I actually love her ever more as time passes too. I don’t tend to seek external validation but something about receiving it from Lucy is special; like I smile and feel a sense of pride and determination when that comes in from her. My Iridology session was amazing. Lucy helped me to identify and acknowledge some emotional baggage I’ve been carrying for a long time and was able to demonstrate exactly how this has had an impact on my body by manifesting in to physical form. I loved being able to see the connection and this has really helped me also to communicate more easily with others when I talk with them about how important it is to take care of ourselves and step out of the comfort zones when it comes to shifting barriers and clinging on to things that don’t serve us. I’m fascinated and in awe of the emotional connection we have with our physical state, it’s something I have always been aware of. Lucy being able to pin point and shed some light on my own personal areas needing my love, nurturing and attention has been incredibly helpful for me. I also really appreciate her straight talk.

5. How has your life changed through the time you have worked together?

I’ve been more willing to trust myself. I now value myself, my time, my energy more than I have before; despite knowing that I didn’t do this enough. I appreciate myself more. I am kinder to myself. This has helped me to implement healthier boundaries and protection of my own energy. I have a much clearer focus on moving forward in the direction I want to. I catch myself in moments where I would previously have given up or been distracted and I have a gentle word with myself which allows me to get back on track. I praise myself more, I pay more attention and acknowledge my good traits, I allow myself to stop and take a break; to rest and recharge, I see me.

6. What benefits have you had since working with Lucy in relation to the below


a. Health - I value my health more. I’m more in tune with my body, my thoughts, my breathing, my emotions, my movement and my energy.

b. Relationships - I have distanced myself from people who I love and respect but hold completely different values to me. I am there for them but in a completely different capacity to before. I have consciously chosen to place my energy in relationships which are good for me and help me grow - with a good, healthy energy exchange. I give a lot to nurturing relationships and helping people wherever I can but I also have now started to choose my people more wisely and to step away when this “giving” is to my detriment. I have a better relationship with myself. I have always had open and honest conversations with my loved ones but I now feel these communications are more compassionate and connected.

c. Awakening - I am awake; though always, always learning. The things Lucy talks of are things I have had awareness and understanding on from a young age; I was very fortunate to be raised by a woman who is very in tune with the topics discussed by Lucy. What her sharing has done though is given me a confidence in being willing to speak with others about things - with no fear of judgement and with a complete willingness to accept that dismissal from others is merely an indication of where they are on their own journey and that actually it’s ok for me to have differing views to others. I am comfortable with that - more so now than before. As a child, I was very, very aware of spirit, energies, intentions. I was also very able to communicate telepathically and often astral travelled (although not intentionally). Throughout adulthood i have lost touch with these senses and abilities; my attention turned off to them. Lucy is encouraging me to remember how important they are to me, she has managed to reignite this in me and I am enjoying reconnecting with my higher self.

d. Career - I have decided to focus on what I want and not Lucy has helped to reaffirm that I have something valuable to offer in this world and this lifetime. She has helped me to feel confident in sticking to my values and being bold in my career related choices. There have been challenges relating to this and I have been determined to stay true to myself and what I want to do...where others have told me this is careless, I have had Lucy there - without having shared specifics with her or making her aware of the obstacles - encouraging me to stand strong in my self believe and continue to pursue my dreams and desires. She has also helped me to realise that some things I THOUGHT I wanted to do aren’t actually the right things for me at all and has helped me to make some decisions which I know would have been made further down the line but being able to have honest chat with myself and get clearer on who I am and what I stand for has helped enable me to make these choices earlier and to realise that these were never the right options for me.

e. Other (please state)

Helping others to open up their minds to accept that they deserve the best and that they have everything within them to heal and progress in whatever they choose. Helping them to acknowledge that. I have been really grateful for Lucy being there as someone I know can help these people; I really appreciate there being an open, safe space for me to direct them to. 


7. Lucy loves to help Children/ Families. Her mission is known to impact everyone in the family, not just the person doing the coaching. What experiences have you had with regards to your family/ loved ones?

My mum has always been my guru in everything consciousness, health, nature, how the world works, what lies beyond the physical realm, spirituality, discernment, critical thinking, clearing case...I have shared things before with her which she has supported my decisions on but has advised me she does not feel it has been the right angle to approach things from - however when I share things I experience with Lucy, she is really supportive, encouraging and approving. Whilst I trust myself and my own judgement (and would progress with my personal choice regardless), it has been so lovely to have my mum be like “yep, bang on; I’m pleased you went”. I have shared with her my own epiphanies & revelations, I’ve shared details of my son’s encounters and also a few of my partner’s breakthroughs - she has said each time that she hopes we continue to work alongside Lucy because she can see it’s really beneficial for us. I believe that through my own experiences, she has actually started to regain some love, respect and appreciation for herself - something I have spent the last few years feeling sad that she had perhaps lost. I have had some incredible conversations with her in the last 7 months since my first SLC Hangs event and my Iridology session, we are in super great flow together. Recently, we have had some chats about her parents (particularly her mum) and our family tree...I feel like she is viewing things her mum did with more empathy, compassion and love too.

I feel more connected and on the same page as some family members and friends - again, something I had as a child but somehow lost a little; it’s like we have remembered what a great team we are, how we can each support each other, the different strengths we each have and how special we all are to each other.

We are having more fun together, we have pledged to do some more things together and have been touching upon some of the stuff we really loved doing when we were younger. Total reconnection.

Something new for me is having some of my family watching what I’m doing and listening to me when I share - then following suit themselves. It’s making me so happy to see them taking action for themselves and it’s really nice to feel valued by them.

My already beautiful relationship with my eldest son has been even stronger than before. We have incredible communication and bond; some profound conversations and I see him growing in confidence over the last few months. This is rippling through to his friends and I see them also benefiting from the coaching I’m having.

My younger son has had some incredible results through my coaching but has also worked with Lucy himself. He is surrounded by people who really need SLC and it’s challenging for us because he is very easily influenced by them. Due to technology today, they are present in his personal space almost constantly & I often feel he is being pulled away rather than grounding and staying true to his values. There is a lot of work to do here and I continuously try to find the balance of allowing him free reign whilst guiding and placing safe / healthy boundaries as his mum. I am aware that when I am really working on myself and my own self love that he is more drawn to engaging and connecting with me. I see an instant change in him after his interaction with Lucy directly - it draws out all of the incredible qualities of being he has. He is craving this & I would love to arrange for him to have more regular coaching directly.

8. Describe working with Lucy in a handful of words?

Fun, purposeful, liberating, inspiring.

9. Do you plan to continue working with Lucy on this journey?

Absolutely. My own journey is evolving and I fully support Lucy’s mission; I love and feel honoured to play some part in her journey. I am in this not just for my own benefit (through coaching and personal development) but because I believe in what Lucy is going to achieve and I am drawn to connect in - perhaps in capacities I haven’t identified yet. I’m incredibly grateful for everything she has done (and continues to do) to help and support me and my family; she has definitely enriched our lives. I value Lucy not just as a coach / mentor but as a friend and as someone I wish to have a long lasting relationship with and hang out with some more. I would love for her and my family to meet and spend time together at some stage.

10. Would you recommend working with Lucy?

Definitely! I already do - on a very regular basis. She pops up in conversation quite a lot and whenever it feels like the timing is right, I point people in her direction. Those who have been ready, have connected in with her and I’m aware that they too have had some wonderful experiences to date.

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